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September 8, 2016 -- Gary Johnson was unfamiliar with Aleppo, Syria. Allepo is the de facto capital of the Islamic State. 

Johnson's ignorance may be excusable for the average fourth grader. However, it strongly suggests he is unqualified to be president. 

Johnson is the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate. 

Some are also questioning the candidate's libertarian credentials. 

Johnson was a strong supporter of marriage licensing. Most informed libertarians find government licensing anathema; with only few exceptions. 

• Specifically, Johnson caved to the overwhelming homosexual presence in the Libertarian Party by endorsing the licensing of same-sex marriages. 

Libertarians find marriage licensing an unnecessary intrusion into family life. When George and Martha Washington were wed, for example, they had no marriage license. Rather, the couple entered into a verbal contact when they spoke vows before witnesses. Verbal contracts are legally binding. There is no need for a license. 

• The hijacking of the Libertarian Party by homosexual bigots may explain why the party supports privileged protective status for gays. In Indiana the party opposed the efforts of Mike Pence to protect Christian businesses who are compelled by government force to engage is business dealings with homosexuals, even when such engagements violate the business owners' religion convictions. Bakers, for example, are required by law to provide service to gay partners. By refusing to advocate freedom of association, the Libertarian Party is disavowing his libertarian credentials. 

• Johnson also discarded libertarian convictions when he selected Bill Weld as his vice-presidential running mate. As governor of Massachusetts, Weld was an advocate of strong gun control laws. However, he changed his views upon becoming Johnson's running mate; apparently to save face. 

Weld's views also contradict the libertarian worldview on eminent domain, Affirmative Action, environmental regulations, and support of Barack Obama. See for documentation

• Johnson also has a strong aversion to national sovereignty. Johnson fumed when he heard the term "illegal migrant" used. Johnson insists that illegal aliens are "undocumented immigrants," even though many posses drivers licenses; a form of documentation. See video below.

When Johnson may have a dislike for national borders, he didn't complain about the tight security surrounding the 2016 Libertarian Party Convention where he was nominated. 

As foreigners cannot legally enter the United States, non-party members cannot legally enter party conventions. The conventions include "border crossings" where members must complete their registration and receive documentation. 

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