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September 23, 2016

Reuters -- Hungary's prime minister wants to deport all illegal aliens to an island outside the European Union. 

Viktor Orban didn't specify the island. 

The mainstream media called his statements "incendiary." 

What do we take away from this? 

Note The Sun's Getty image of "refugees" portrayed a crowd of pathetic women and children. In reality, the United Nations affirms that 72 percent of the Islamic insurgents are adult males. 15 percent are children. 13 percent are women. 

From included this tear-jerking photo
of "refugee" women and children.
72% of "refugees" are adult males.. 
ILLEGAL immigrants should be rounded up by the European Union and put them in guarded camps overseas, Hungary’s hardline PM declared today.

It came amid claims Hungary would demand the EU rip up the Lisbon Treaty to allow member states to set their OWN migration policies – in a potential boost for Brexit negotiations.

In incendiary comments, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said it was unfair for the EU and Berlin to try and distribute migrants across member states.

And he stormed: “Those who came illegally must be rounded up and shipped out.

“This could be an island, it could be a coastal area in North Africa, but the security and supplies of that area must be guaranteed by the EU in its own interest.”

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