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What would you do if
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September 12, 2016 -- Here's a question for that nasty old white hag who trolls my neighborhood calling me a racist:

What are you going to do now that the far left has determined that displaying the flag, reciting the pledge of allegiance, and standing for the national anthem are racist?

Will you refuse to display the flag? Recite the pledge? Stand for the national anthem? 

What prompts this question is an event at Occidental College in California. 

Patriots (nationalists) planted 2,977 American flags in honor of those who were brutally murdered by Muslim thugs on 9-11-2001. 

Traitors (globalists) trashed the flags. The globlist traitors informed the nationalist patriots that the flags were "triggering." They then accused the patriots of white privilege. 

Note that globalist use meaningless abstracts to concoct mental images of non-existent phenomenon. The objective is thought reform to convince us to accept they're alternate realities. 

These abstracts include:

• Triggering
• Glass ceilings
• White privilege
• Micro aggressions
• Ignorance
• Dog whistle
• Don't you know it's [enter the current year]?

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