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September 1, 2016 -- The most vile offense ever committed in human history was slavery in the United States and its precedent colonies. 

That appears to be the motif of the far left as it perennially seeks to atone for slavery. Georgetown University, for example, has pledged to give descendants of American slaves privileged enrollment status, pushing them to the front of the proverbial bus. 

In reality only a minuscule percent of Americans actually owned slaves. Those who did treated their slaves like adopted family members, providing them a lifestyle that exceeded any other black group in quality of life. Even today black Americans enjoy a higher standard of living than their cousins living in Africa. 

American slaves lived in log cabins or wood-frame homes that differed little from the dwellings of most slave owners. Slavery was concentrated in the deep South where slaves were employed to pick cotton. Harvesting only last a few weeks. 

Many American slaves owned businesses and lived autonomous lives, quite unlike the false narrative presented by Alex Haley's Roots

Slave were allowed to own property, including cash. Many actually purchased themselves from their owners, bought farms, then purchased slaves themselves to work their fields. William Ellison, the largest slave holder in South Carolina in 1860, was a former slave.

Thousands of Indians owned slaves. None have offered to pay reparations or otherwise atone for their offense. 

The summation is: Blacks living in the United States are privileged to enjoy the benefits of dwelling in a Western culture. Few appreciate their privileged plight. Most are convinced they bear the brunt of white oppression and often post their grievances using Obama phones on the white-invented Internet. 

• An estimated six percent of white Americans are at least one percent black; descendants from black American slaves. We wonder how black a person has to be to gain privileged enrollment status at Georgetown. 

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  1. irish we're slaves before and longer than they we're. do we get any perks of course not we are white-europeans.