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September 25, 2016 -- Horst Wenzel, a renowned flirt coach in Germany, is offering a course teaching "men and women how to make contact and get to better know each other in Germany" (translation from German). 

A flier advertising the course notes that it's not for everyone, just refugees. 

Attending the class were Syrian refugees that included Iraqis and Lebanese, most of whom were under age 20.

Language is no barrier, Wenzel told the Islamic insurgents, because everyone understands body language. 

The coach suggested a light touch of the foot which he said is common in Germany. If the target doesn't withdraw...

A transliteration from German at says: 

This "During flirt" is not the first of its kind . This is an original local initiative that is part of a broader movement. In Germany, the equivalent of the Family Planning driver or sponsor for several years of serious sex education programs to immigrants.

In late February, the German government has in turn opened an Internet portal called "My body in words and in pictures  ," which aims primarily refugees arrived in numbers in Germany during the previous month.

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