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September 20, 2016

Garfield High School / -- Using phantom racism as their leverage, the far left has convinced countless young Americans — particularly blacks — to hate their nation. 

This phenomenon was demonstrated at a high school in West Seattle, Washington, where the entire football team — including the coach — refused to honor their nation by standing during the National Anthem. 

Protesters claim they will continue to disrespect their heritage as long as racism prevails in America. 

The protest was held by the football team of Garfield High School. The school is apparently named after President James Garfield who was a notorious anti-Confederate. 

The illusion of racism, however, will never fade as the far left continues to use it as an effective means to destroy our culture.

Black Americans are convinced they are oppressed, even as they enjoy the highest standard of living of any black population anywhere on earth anytime in human history. That high standard of living is the effect of Western innovation. 

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    its whites being genocided by you.