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September 18, 2016 -- Have you ever wondered why we are compelled to name our white privilege?

It is a component of thought reform as outlined by imminent psychologist and researcher, Dr. Robert J Lifton.

When exposing eight elements of thought reform as utilized by dangerous cults, Lifton cited what he called the "ethos of confession."

If somebody is kept confessing you can achieve control of his or her guilt and shame mechanisms. And there is no greater control that one can achieve over another human being.
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While Lifton was not speaking of cultural Marxism or specifying white privilege, his eight components of thought reform as utilized by cults can also be seen being applied by cultural Marxism.

Below are the eight components of thought reform as presented by Lifton. The annotations are mine and should not be attributed to Lifton.

1 - Control or attempting to control communication

Like dangerous cults, cultural Marxism attempts to dominate communication. It seeks to control the news media, cinema, and television programming and other avenues of communicating concept that contradict cultural Marxist narratives.

a. In the media

The human mind is simply incapable of distinguishing between fabricated visual and audio impressions and reality.

Dr. Loftus was able to create false memories;
a false reality
This was demonstrated by Elizabeth Loftus, a University of California, Irvine psychologist. Loftus conducted a study in which persons who had visited Disneyland were exposed to images of Bugs Bunny at the theme park. Many of the participants testified they remembered seeing Bugs Bunny (actually a person in a costume) during their visits. Some recalled interactions with the character. In reality, Bugs Bunny is a Warners Brothers character as has never been to Disneyland [source] [video].

Likewise, we confuse sights and sounds presented by cinematic productions and reality.

By controlling various components of the media, cultural Marxism controls our perceptions of reality, subsequent thought processes, belief systems, and world views.

b. Events

Cultural Marxists frequently disrupt events where the expression of or exposure to competing views are presented.

Small demonstrations of patriots opposed to Islamic immigration are frequently met with violent opposition.

Persons who express views that contradict the cultural Marxism narrative are often unable to conduct public meetings due to harassment by cultural Marxism.

For example, Arizona pastor Steven Anderson was denied entry into South Africa due to protests lobbed by militant homosexual activists. Ostensibly, Anderson was refused a visa because the constitution disallows hate speech. Anderson preaches that homosexuality is a sin [source].

Militant homosexual activist utilized jamming as a strategy to isolate those with whom they disagree [source].

Likewise, the alt right is particularly targeted, finding it impossible to conduct meetings in spaces usually made available to the public, such as hotel conference rooms.

CNN correspondent Sally Kohn argued against campus free speech
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Groups that manage to successfully arrange conference spaces often find their events disrupted by activists or, in some cases, drubbed out of their venue altogether. In 2007, for example, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance was assaulted and physically forced from a hotel conference room in Halifax, Canada where he was scheduled to speak [source].

Likewise, those invited to speak on university campuses often find themselves shouted down by activists.

2 - Mystical manipulation (hidden maneuvers)

Cultural Marxism utilizes phantom concepts to create a false perception of reality. White privilege is one of those phantom concepts.

A partial list of these phantom concepts includes:

• Racism
• Division
• Hostility
• Exclusion
• Confusion
• Ignorance
• Triggering
• Polarizing
• Xenohobe
• Dog whistle
• Objectifying
• Homophobe
• Islamophobe
• Social justice
• Glass ceiling
• Empowerment
• People of color
• White privilege
• Disenfranchised
• Systemic racism
• Disparate impact
• Polorized society
• White supremacy
• Micro aggressions
• Critical race theory
• Hate (or hate group)
• Climate change denier
• Spew hate on the Internet
• "Don't you know it's [current year]?"

Note that no one can see glass ceilings. No one can hear dog whistles. The concept of racism was unknown prior to the 1930s. The noun 'racist' was first introduced by Magnus Hirschfeld in his book Racism, a 1938 English translation of an earlier work in Hirschfield's native German. The original German transcript was written in 1933 and 1934 [source].

Cultural Marxism concocts phantom concepts out of thin air, then embeds them in our psyche where we accept them as if their were real.

3 - Demand for purity

Lifton notes that dangerous cults divide the world into pure good and pure evil.

Cultural Marxism divides the world into the proletariat and bourgeoisie. The proletariat is expressed in the American Marxist paradigm as 'people of color' while the bourgeoisie is expressed as 'white privilege.' The proletariat is oppressed. The bourgeoisie is the oppressor.

4 - Ethos of confession

Ethos is defined as the "characteristic spirit of a culture."

Confession of white privilege is a characteristic of the cultural Marxism culture. White people are encouraged to 'name their privilege.'

Lifton said, "If somebody is kept confessing you can achieve control of his or her guilt and shame mechanisms. There is no greater control that one can achieve over another human being."

By convincing us to continually confess our white privilege, cultural Marxism achieves control of our guilt and shame mechanisms. "And there is no greater control that one can achieve over another human being."

5 - Sacred science

Religious organizations typically lay claim to absolute spiritual truth or access to it. That spiritual truth usually encompasses natural phenomena, or science.

Religions commonly attribute natural phenomenon to spiritual causes or origins. Epilepsy, for example, was once attributed to demonic possession.

Cultural Marxism does much the same.

Here are four examples:

• Cultural Marxism envelopes natural phenomenon — such as weather patterns and climate changes — into its philosophy by claiming those patterns and changes are harbingers of an environmental apocalypse and can ultimately be attributed to free-market capitalism.

Relating to race, cultural Marxism will defy the overwhelming evidence of forensic sciences to pretend race is a social construct.

Cultural Marxism defies sex differences, claiming that gender is a mental abstract; that a female can occupy the body of a male and visa versa; chromosomes be damned.

Cultural Marxism is adept at exploiting other natural phenomena relating to gender by consigning them to social causes. Men, for example, are visually attracted to women. Cultural Marxism exploits this natural phenomenon by evoking the phantom notion of "objectifying" women. Without thought reform women would consider it a compliment to be called "pretty" by a male co-worker. After thought reform women would consider such a comment to be offensive because it objectifies them. Likewise, without thought reform women appreciate men who hold their door for them as a manner of chivalry. After thought reform women consider such courtesies as manipulative chauvinism.

• At my grandson's 10th birthday party, I noticed girls congregated under a tree to engage is verbal social interaction while the boys took to the yard to engage in ball playing. Cultural Marxism would consider this natural behavior to be the product of social conditioning that is detrimental to girls.

6 - Loading of the language

According to Lifton, loading of a language means:

A rhetoric and a language that only permits the claims of the particular group to be expressed. Alternative claims are blocked out by the very language.

Cultural Marxism considers the term 'illegal alien' to be offensively racist, in spite of the fact that illegal aliens are both illegal and alien. It would argue that no one is illegal. 'Undocumented guest ' is the cultural Marxism placement term, even if the illegal alien posses a valid drivers license (a document) and was invited into the country by no one.

The term 'colored person' is anathema to cultural Marxism and smacks of racism. 'Person of color' is acceptable as it fits the Marxist paradigm that divides us into 'persons of color' and 'white.'

Cultural Marxism is adept at portraying commonly used terms as discriminatory. When the words are uttered, the speaker is perceived as a bigot and socially ostracized for the offense. The speaker defaults to cultural Marxist terms to avoid stigmatization.

The late George Carlin infamously challenged the folly of absurd euphemisms, many of them cultural Marxist contrivances [source].

7 - Doctrine over person

Lifton said:
Any doubts or any critical feelings that one's accurate perceptions inform one about are attributed to one's own shortcomings.

One has to embrace the doctrine rather than one's own personal discoveries.
Galileo: Lie or die
One can be accurate, but will suffer the punishment of social ostracization and stigmatization for his honesty. This is a phenomenon I call the Galileo syndrome. Galileo, you'll recall, was accurate in denying the sun revolved around the earth. Authorities forced him to renounce his accuracy under the threat of death.

James Watson
Likewise, Nobel Laureate James Watson was demonized for noting that sub-Saharan Africans were less intelligent than white people, even though his observation was supported by decades of in-depth research. Specifically he said, "...all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really.”

As a consequence of straying for the cultural Marxism narrative, Watson was forced to recant. Even then he was relieved of his position at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and referred to the overall experience as "the worst thing in my life."

If the cultural Marxism cult can take down the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, it can take down anyone.

Noting that black American slaves enjoyed a higher standard of living than any other black population on earth at the time will result in accusations of racism. Noting that black Americans today enjoy a higher standard of living than any other black population on earth will also result in an accusation of racism. Noting that 52.2% of homicides in the United States were committed by blacks will result in an accusation of racism, even though the statistics were reported by the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The doctrine — or cultural Marxism narrative — takes precedence over the accurate observation of individuals. Political correctness is supreme.

8 - The dispensing of existence

Lifton said:

Cultic groups so embellish their own claim to absolute truth that they divide the world into those who have a right to exist and those who have no such right.

This was observed during the 2016 presidential campaign when Hillary Clinton characterized half of Donald Trump supporters as a "basket of deplorables."

Clinton later apologized for using the word "half."

Those who waver from cultural Marxism doctrine will typically find themselves demonized as deplorable "Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it" or, that is, some other hate-filled pejorative.

The dispensing of existence was duly noted by Phil Elmore who offered the following observation at

In modern society, to be a racist is to be subhuman, a monster against whom all insult and aggression is entirely justified. Liberals have a long history of targeting their ideological opponents for such dehumanization. When they succeed, they begin demanding that anyone who does not conform to their political correct standards be ostracized, be ruined, be fired and be killed.
An article published on bears the headline, Protect Animals And The Environment. Shoot Republicans.

The author wrote:
If we were to start shooting Republicans, we would likely not harm a single friend of animals or the environment. Of course, such a course of action would be inadvisable. It would land us in prison and galvanize public opinion against the movement. But you get the point.

Republicans and conservatives are the enemy. They are expendable. The will be targets in the Revolution when it comes.
Those who waver from the cultural Marxism doctrines of political correctness are consider expendable, dispensable deplorables.

• Addendum: The apocalypse

Note the writer referenced a coming revolution; an apocalypse.

A future apocalypse is a component of many dangerous cults as was the emphasis of Lifton's presentation.

The worldview embraced by such cults is typically and, sometimes, justifiably dismal. The world is a mess, they reason, and will eventually self-destruct. From the ashes of the destruction, the enlightened will arise to usher in their vision of utopia. 

Some cult leaders are a bit impatient. Rather than wait for the inevitable apocalypse, they decide to cause it. They find that task overwhelming and are content to simply trigger the apocalypse with a spark of violence. 

This was the case with Charlie Manson's cult. Manson envisioned an apocalyptic race war that would be sparked by the murder of Sharon Tate and others. 

The Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan carried out five coordinated deadly attacks in 1995. Shoko Asahara, the cult's doomsday leader, was convinced the attacks would trigger World War III that would culminate in a nuclear Armageddon. 

David Koresh of the Branch Dividian cult imagined an apocalyptic Armageddon. Some say he considered the siege of the cult's compound in Waco, Texas to be the spark that to that end. 

Though not a cult member, 21-year-old Dylann Roof murdered nine innocent churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina with hopes of igniting a race war.

While there have been thousands of end-of-the-world cults, there has never been one capable of successfully causing an end-of-the-world scenario. 

Until now. 

Marxism seems determined to create a global Marxist government. Obstructing their success is Western culture. 

The objective, then, is to destroy Western culture. With indefatigable determination, cultural Marxism is actively obliterating Western civilization. From the ashes a Marxist utopia is expected to emerge.

Even with its expansive influence, however, cultural Marxism isn't capable of destroying Western civilization on its own. For that reason it has partnered with the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest cult: Islam. 

The vision of some radical Muslims is a global caliphate. Obstructing their success is Western culture. 

Marxists and Muslims, therefore, have this common goal: Our destruction. 

While neither can successfully destroy Western civilization, combined they are achieving their goal. 

They have embarked on a massive global campaign of destruction, each assuming it will prevail over the other once Western civilization has been dismantled. 

The eight components of thought reform are derived from a video-recorded presentation by Dr. Robert J. Lifton that is based upon General principles of thought reform (chapter 22) of his book, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of 'brainwashing' in China by Dr. Robert J Lifton.

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