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September 5, 2016 -- suspended Colin Flaherty's YouTube channel for two weeks. 

Not to worry. 

You may view Flaherty's newest videos on his back-up channel here ►

The bad guys don't want you — or anyone else — to hear and see the truth.
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Notting Hill Carnival was a multicultural crime fest

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. Yeah... The Left is doing all they can, but the pendulum Always swings back.. Considering how far the Commocrats have pushed it this time, I'm hoping the pendulum will be more of a scythe when it comes back to Right...

  2. yeah! and everytime i visit daily kenn my ram acts funny like im doing a update. its not my imagination like a libtard would explain and it only happens at kenn early warnings of october?.