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September 23, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- It's an age old tradition in America: Blacks hunt down whites to assault. Often whites are the random victims of black violence. 

It's also a tradition to ignore black-on-white violence. Call it 'lying by omission.'

Such was the case in Charlotte, North Carolina when one such hunting expedition was documented on video. 

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino went on Newsmax TV to discuss the problem with talkster Steve Malzburg.

Steve Malzberg: What’s worse, Dan, is we have an Attorney General and a president who don’t come out and say, “Blacks don’t hunt down whites or you will be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Dan Bongino: Yeah, where the hell is Barack Obama now? Again this guy has something to say on every police uses force incident when there’s some political ends to be gained, and yet you have a shooting in North Carolina where it’s clear as day there’s another false narrative out there, Steve. The guy did not have a book.

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