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September 13, 2016 -- Reports say a black 15-year-male assaulted a bike shop employee. The victim was struck with a chair when she prevented the boy from stealing a bicycle. 

Patrick Christopher Mack, 15, is charged with aggravated battery and grand theft of a bicycle, according to

The incident occurred in Jacksonville, Florida. 

• Many Africans in America are convinced they are entitled. Some are unwilling to work for prosperity. Others, due to low intelligence, are unable to acquire wealth on a parity with the average white American. The far left falsely blames this economic disparity on the white privilege myth. 

The far left presents numerous unfounded abstracts that, through thought reform, effect our world view.

These abstracts include:

Dog whistle
Glass ceiling
White privilege
Systemic racism
Disparate impact
Institutional racism
Trans-generational trauma

The far left uses these abstracts because real evidence of white racism is virtually nonexistent. The left does not convince gullible minds by utilizing evidence and reason (they have no evidence or reason). Rather, they prod us with emotional stress that produces guilt and, subsequently, redirects our thinking away from reality into a haze of psychosis. 

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