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September 22, 2016 -- There's more to it than disrespecting the National Anthem. It's a hatred for our country and those who built it. They hate us. 

That was made evident at an NFL game in Maryland. 

A black mob attacked two white women. The attack was captured on video.

Hypocritically, white privileged social justice warriors will go nowhere near black people. They certainly refuse to live among them. 

The upside: Professional football may experience white flight. White people want to enjoy a football game; not get beaten to a pulp in the parking lot by unhinged savages. There will be no ticket sales to fund future Colin Kaepernicks.

They will abandon professional football for the same reason the relocate when blacks move into their neighborhood. None, of course, will admit that black violence is the reason. 

At what point do we stop pretending that black violence is less than epidemic?

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