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September 22, 2016 -- A 33-year-old black male is accused of strangling a 37-year-old white woman. 

The crime occurred in Lafeyette, Louisiana. 

Shortly after the homicide earlier this year, reported the details. 


Police have ruled yesterday’s suspicious death of 37-year-old Sheree Patin Williams on Conrad Street was a homicide and have arrested her ex-boyfriend in connection with her murder.

Corporal Paul Mouton said detectives were able to place the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Jonathan Aubrey 33, of Lafayette, at Williams’ home before her body was discovered.

Aubrey was arrested late Monday night for violating a protective order. The autopsy conducted by coroner’s office revealed that Williams’ strangled to death, according to Mouton.

Detectives then returned to the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and upgraded Aubrey’s charge to first-degree murder.

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  1. Ex-boyfriend , it explains so much . should not have been with the knuckle dragger in the first place .news papers are filled with blacks murdering/beating up their wives /girlfriends. When will the white women wake up .they have been so brain washed . We are facing a white genocide and she wants to be with this monkey . It was self inflicted as far as I'm concerned. Maybe she woke up and realized what she was doing wrong.we will never know.