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September 24, 2016 -- Once again a gaping hole has been punctured in the cultural Marxist myth that blacks are always the victims of white oppression; never visa versa. 

A black male has been found guilty of murdering a pretty, 40-year-old blond white woman in Florida. 

Earlier this week we reported on another white woman in Florida who was beaten to death by a mob of black males. Allegedly. 

Had the races been reversed, this story would receive wall-to-wall coverage on the mainstream national media for months — if not years — as evidence that white racism is alive and well in America. 

However, because the murder was black-male-on-white-woman, the national media has been virtually silent. They are deceiving by omission or, to use the biblical term, they are bearing false witness by misleading us. 

We imagine a scenario in which such a black-male-on-white-woman would occur. There would be riots, protests, and an appearance by Rev. Al Sharpton (for a fee, we suppose). 

As is, the misandrists (aka, pseudo-feminists) have been silent because black males killing white women doesn't fit the cultural Marxist narrative that only white people can be oppressors. 

According to (Sept. 22, 2016):

Brandon Banks, 30, of Cape Girardeau, was found guilty Thursday of the first degree murder of Marsha Brown, 40, also of Cape Girardeau.

Banks was also found guilty of three counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm and possession of a weapon by a felon, according to a news release from Jackson County State's Attorney, Michael Carr. A Jackson County jury deliberated less than two hours before returning with a verdict.

Jackson County deputies were called Jan. 14, 2014, to Potters Road in Makanda in response to a body discovered in a grassy embankment on the side of the road. Brown was identified through a driver's license and other identification.

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