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September 16, 2016 -- Racial relativity and cultural relativity are cultural Marxism concepts that contend there are no significant difference between races and cultures. Those that do exist, the theory goes, are the product of society influence rather than genetics. 

I would contend that it's hard to celebrate diversity if you pretend it doesn't exist. 

Diversity does exist. That's not a good thing or a bad thing. It's just a fact of reality. It is the acknowledgement of that reality that allows us to predict healthcare risks for members of certain people groups. 

Stereotyping East Asians and "nerds" may annoy the far left, but decades of research confirm what is obviously apparent: East Asians tend to have slightly higher intellects than the rest of us. Why is it wrong to take note of that? 

It also allows us to avoid black neighborhoods because experience — coupled with government statistics — confirms that blacks commit violent crimes at a disproportionate higher rate than the rest of us. 

This where the far left mumbles something about painting black people with a broad brush. So, for the record, I'm fairly certain that Clarence Thomas is no street thug and Alan West doesn't habitually hold up convenience stores. 

Nonetheless, the prevalence of violent crimes committed by low-intelligent blacks suggests the cause is genetic and argues against relativity. 

A case in point is the arrest of a black male in Louisville. 

Jimmy Labuzo Jackson III is accused of kidnapping women at gunpoint, then raping and robbing them. 


A Louisville man has been arrested and charged with kidnapping, raping and robbing women at gunpoint. Police said all three victims were accosted at unidentified hotels in Louisville between Sept. 6 and 8.

According to an arrest warrant, a woman met Jimmy Labuzo Jackson III, 21, at a hotel on Sept. 6. He pointed a gun with a red laser at her, and Jackson and another man forced her to strip down in Jackson's car. The other person searched the victim's car, taking $250, while Jackson continued to hold the woman at gunpoint.

Police said the men drove the victim to a secondary location and forced her to have sex with each of them. Jackson then allegedly took $25 out of the woman's purse as the men took her back to her car.

A few hours later, police said, Jackson met a different woman at a different Louisville hotel. He allegedly pointed the gun with the red laser at her, forced her into his vehicle, and took her to a different location where he raped her at gunpoint. Police said Jackson took the victim's purse and jewelry. He then returned to the victim's vehicle and searched it.
Ironically, feminists pretend a rape culture exist among white men.

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