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September 14, 2016 -- 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne aimed his vehicle at police officers and pressed the pedal to the metal, authorities say. A surveillance video captured one of the officers — a 33-year-old officer on his first day on the job — cartwheeling through the air, according to

The incident occurred in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Here's what you didn't know. 

According to, Payne was “arrested in 1997 for kicking an officer during a roadside encounter.”

Court documents show in 1997, Payne pleaded guilty to aggravated assault after resisting arrest and kicking a Phoenix police officer twice in the leg.

According to police, they’d pulled Payne over for expired tags and realized he had outstanding warrants.

Documents show Payne accepted responsibility for the assault and said he struggled with officers because he didn’t want to be “chained up.”

Long before the Michael Brown incident when Ferguson, Missouri Officer Darren Wilson defended himself by plugging the "gentle giant," feral black males with IQs ranging south of 85 were attacking cops. 

Ask any honest cop on the urban beat: A sizable segment of the black male population in urban centers is having a difficult time adjusting to life outside the African bush. Those who dare to go public with their honesty are stigmatized with the racist or Uncle Tom pejoratives. 

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