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September 12, 2016 -- The most effective means to curb African savagery in the America's urban areas to conduct a peace rally. At least that was the apparent impression of those who attended such a rally at Montgomery, Alabama's Gate City public housing project. 

Six bystanders were shot at the rally. One departed in a body bag. 

None of the victims were shot by police, so we can rest assured the story will be ignored by the national mainstream media. We can also assume the shootings will be ignored by Black Lives Matter. 

If you are a privileged white liberal, you may want to attend future events. Be sure to byobb (bring your own body bag).

Dead is 20-year-old Bobby Clayton. See photo above. 


Gunfire erupted in Birmingham's Gate City public housing community Sunday night, killing one person and injuring five others.

The shooting happened at 8:15 p.m. in the 6400 block of Georgia Road. Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Shelton said all six of the victims were innocent bystanders. The shootings took place about one hour after the close of a peace rally in the community's Lewis Park.

Shelton said many of the residents were still outside following the event. Once the gunfire started, people began to scatter. "When the shooting started happening, people started dispersing, which is why our scene is as large as it is,'' he said.

Of the surviving five victims, he said none are critical. Police as of 11 p.m. were still unsure of the age or gender breakdown of the victims, but at least one and possibly two, were female.

The Jefferson County Coroner's Office Monday morning confirmed the victim's identity as Bobby Clayton, 20. Within two hours of the shooting, more than 50 people had posted their memories of Clayton on his Facebook page.
 Resident Xavier Story, 23, was just finishing his son's 1-year-old birthday party. Friends and family had been grilling and were taking down the moonwalk when the shots rang out right around the corner. 

"I ran and tried to grab all the kids and get them inside," Story said. "I'm getting as low as I can and trying to get my family in the house."

After getting the partygoers to safety, Story went back outside of his corner apartment where one of the victims collapsed. The victim, Clayton, had a gunshot wound to the left upper side.

"As soon as he fell, that was the end of it," Story said. "He had a pulse and we were fanning him and telling him, 'They're coming, they're coming.'"

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  1. I used to patrol Gate city when I was with BPD . Somethings never change. The spear chuckers would always steal the street signs just as fast as the city could get them up . They would steal them so first responders would not know where to go. What a combat zone .