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August 26, 2016 -- Carrie Bowe was fired after her employer learned she appeared in a "racist" video. 

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Titled, Stop White Genocide, the video includes "racist" phrases such as "Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white."

Oddly, Bowe's firing confirms the bias against whites the video portends. 

"Now, many of you had jobs where minorities say things that would get you, as a white person, instantly fired," the video says. 

Bowe was instantly fired for saying things that would not get non-whites fired.

Cultural Marxism uses bullying tactics to shush those who tell the truth. Consequently, honest people stop talking leaving a monologue from globalist liars. 

Bowe was employed as a spokesperson for the West Virginia Attorney General's office.

She will now likely find it difficult to find employment, simply because she dared to commit the revolutionary act of telling the truth in time of universal deceit. 

The video was posted on YouTube in 2013. 


You can't escape your past — especially not if it's racist.

A spokeswoman for West Virginia's attorney general has been fired after an overtly racist YouTube video shows her reciting well-known white supremacist slogans.

Carrie Bowe, who started working as an assistant communications director under Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrissey in 2015, was fired only hours after the West Virginia Gazette published an article about the outrageous video Thursday.

In the shocking video called "THE 'Stop White Genocide' Video," Bowe repeatedly states, "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white," a well-known phrase coined by notorious South Carolina white supremacist Bob Whitaker.

"Everybody says the final solution to this race problem is for every white country, and only white countries, to assimilate, i.e., intermarry with all those non-whites," Bowe says in the video before an unidentified woman chimes in, "How long would it take anyone to realize, I'm not talking (about) a race problem, I'm talking about the final solution to the black problem?"

The "final solution" was a term coined by the Nazis in their efforts to exterminate Jews across Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

Bowe attempted to save some face by penning multiple tone-deaf apologies claiming she never had "intent" to harm anyone with her unambiguously racist words.

"Unfortunately, I did not view the finished edit — my understanding of the project was not the reality of the completed product or the malice intensions of its creators," Bowe wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday.

In another cringe worthy mea culpa sent to West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Bowe wrote that she's "embarrassed and heartbroken" before going off on a rambling rant about how she supposedly didn't know the person who made the video and only tried to prompt an "authentic dialog" on race.

"Growing up, you could not question why some races could talk or behave a certain way and it was seen as ok, whereby if the behavior was repeated by a white person, it was automatically racist," Bowe wrote. "My personal intent was to bring this forward and have some authentic dialogue."

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  1. the big nose, and their pitbulls are the problem.

  2. I hope this woman can find a job and it's a better than what she had before. Beware people the PC police are everywhere.