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August 9, 2016

Whites introduced life-enhancing technologies
to sub-Saharan Africans -- South African whites have an average IQ of 100. The average IQ among blacks in sub-Saharan Africa is about 70. [source]

There is no other explanation for the prosperity disparity between the two groups.

Nonetheless, the delusional left insists on blaming apartheid for the disparity, even though the system ended in 1994. 

South Africa isn't faring well under the post-apartheid, one-party government. Voters expressed their frustration in last week's election giving the dominant African National Congress (ANC) only 54 percent of the vote nationally. 

To regain the black vote, some suspect the ANC will step up efforts to nationalize white-owned businesses, including farms, and redistribute ownership to blacks. The move would be a disaster as few black have the intellectual capacity to manage the nation's economic infrastructure. 

According to, only three percent of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is black owned and the nation's four largest banks are dominated by whites. 

77 percent of South Africans are black. About nine percent are white. 

Blacks, as well as white, fared better economically under the apartheid system when whites controlled the government. The same was true of Zimbabwe and Namibia. 

Still, South Africa remains one of the most prosperous regions of sub-Saharan Africa, a reality that has prompted millions of blacks to migrate to the area. 

Sub-Saharan Africans were frozen in a paleolithic existence for thousands of years. The colonization of the area by Europeans introduced advanced technologies that enhanced the lives of native Africans. 

Those who acknowledge that whites tend to be more capable of managing the economies of nations are demonized as "white supremacists."

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