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Saturday Night at the Movies

There was a time when movies were entertaining rather than indoctrinating. No nudity, no profanity, no cultural marxism, and no forced diversity. The casts were nearly all white and the cars were in pristine condition. Men were men. women were women. revisit the time when america was great.

August 11, 2016 -- Do the lives of James Sramek and his mother, Nicola Sramek, matter? 

The two were tortured and murdered in their Georgia apartment. Their bodies were discovered August 6, 2016 but the date of their deaths was not disclosed. 

28-year-old Rickey Taylor has been charged with two counts each of malice murder, armed robbery and false imprisonment, police said.

Police believe Taylor was engaged in a crime spree spanning 24 to 48 hours. 

The victims were white. Taylor is black. 

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People have a natural right to freedom of association and self determination. If they wish to live segregated lives, they may do so. The government, however, has denied that natural right to white Americans. They are forced by government mandate to live in areas integrated with violent criminals. 

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