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August 21, 2016 -- When a black sniper identified with Black Lives Matter before assassinating five police officers in Dallas, Texas, the media downplayed the connection. 

When a white man in Washington state stabbed an inter-racial couple, the media promptly tied him to presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

Apparently, Daniel Rowe, 32, mentioned Donald Trump to police after he was arrested for attacking the couple. 

That was enough for Huffington Post make a huff and fuss. Clearly Donald Trump's hate-fueled rhetoric is to blame, we are to believe. 

According to

A white man with several racist tattoos attacked a mixed-race couple without provocation in downtown Olympia on Tuesday night, Olympia police spokesperson Laura Wohl said.

Police said the couple was standing outside a restaurant at 4th Ave. E. and Adams St. SE when the suspect, 32-year-old Daniel Rowe, walked up and stabbed the man without saying a word. In the process, he also accidentally cut the woman, leaving her with a superficial wound.

After being stabbed, the man tackled Rowe and held him down until police arrived.

Police said that once they got there, Rowe made several racist comments that led them to believe the attack was racially motivated.

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