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August 29, 2016 -- Maybe we should refer to him as a witch doctor; more witch than doctor. 

After Zimbabwe's head of state confiscated a £1million farm from a white family, he gave it to a loyal supporter, Dr. Sylvester Nyatsuro.

To Nyatsuro's credit he has the good sense not to actually live in his native Zimbabwe. Rather, the doctor set up practice in the evil white empire of colonialist England. 

However, after authorities inspected Nyatsuro's practice, they noted multiple accounts of malpractice. The doctor resigned. 

The white farmers had been evicted from their Zimbabwe farms months ago by about twenty AK47-toting henchmen.

So what do we takeaway from this?

First, it becomes apparent the absence of colonial white rule results in African nations regressing to the norm. The norm is the paleolithic existence of abject poverty and dearth of virtually any advanced technology. 

Second, one has to wonder why the doctor would live and practice in England rather than his native Zimbabwe. After all, aren't white cultures awash in racism?

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Farmers routed from Zimbabwe; then this happens . . .
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  1. On average, farms bought/confiscated/stolen by blacks from whites in South Africa are bankrupted and abandoned within seven years. I imagine it's the same in the former Rhodesia. The smart negroes will at least hire the white former owners back as managers.