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August 7, 2016 -- Contrary to the theory of cultural relevance — the false notion that all cultures are innately the same — violence is a universal reality in black population centers. 

Black violence is the norm rather than the exception. 

Due to the advent of the Internet, 'citizen journalists' often capture a tiny insight of the violence on their video devices, then upload them to the Internet for all to see. 

Why do we publish this rubbish? 

Simple: To expose minds to reality.

Reality is the antidote that destroys the cultural Marxism virus. Our minds are infected with cultural Marxism bacterial virus when we expose ourselves to cinematic productions and view television. Those images are produced in Hollywood sound stages with the intent of infecting our minds with a false reality. 

By exposing our minds to genuine reality, the truth become the antibiotic vaccine that kill the cultural Marxism bacteria. 

Here's  dose of reality ▼

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