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August 18, 2016 -- The Census Bureau says 16,495 residents live in Rutland, Vermont. It also claims that 95.9% of the residents are White and 0.8% are black. 

That's too white for globalists. 

It appears the town's mayor unilaterally and secretively arranged for an influx of Islamic colonists to take up residency there. 

Globlists worldwide are assuring the destruction of Western culture by injecting hordes of non-white, low-intellect insurgents into every white nation and neighborhood. 

There can be no safe spaces where white people can retreat. There can be no white nations, no white neighborhoods, no white television programs; no Mayberry RFD communities. 

Those who oppose the displacement are stigmatized, demonized, and stereotyped as Klanish racists, then shamed into shushing. We have somehow been convinced that preserving our culture for our progeny is evil. 

The problem being: When patriots are silent, only evil people are speaking. 

The citizens of Rutland had no vote in the matter. 


Members of the Board of Aldermen say they haven’t seen the city’s refugee resettlement application despite a claim by the mayor that the document’s availability proves he’s being transparent on the issue.

In a recent radio interview, Mayor Chris Louras attempted to silence critics of his plan to make Rutland a refugee resettlement community by saying the city’s application to the federal government is available to the public.

“The abstract was, in fact, given to the Board of Aldermen, and they do absolutely have the latitude to provide that abstract to any constituency,” Louras said on Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition.

Two aldermen told Watchdog the board has never seen it.

“He certainly didn’t present it to us,” Alderman Ed Larson said in an interview.

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  1. If whites fail to protest this, the fault is shared by them. Of course, progressives destroy white communities. However, it's the people's job to push back.

  2. Once this town becomes "enriched" with diversity and multiculturalism, the mayor will no doubt leave, leaving behind a "vibrant" community. So long to Norman Rockwell's America.

  3. They should move them into Livingston,NJ.