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August 26, 2016 -- Everyone is a supremacist. 

Democrats believe their views are superior to Republicans. They are Democrat supremacists. 

Liberals believe their views are superior to conservatives. They are liberal supremacists. 

Globalist believe their views are superior to nationalists. They are globalist supremacists. 

Indianapolis Colts fans believe their team is number one, even when the team has a losing season. They are Colts supremacists. 

Chevrolet believes their product is superior to Ford, Honda, and Toyota. They are Chevrolet supremacists. 

Black Lives Matter believes black lives matter more than all lives. Hence, they say the mantra "all lives matter" is racist. They are black supremacists. 

Socialists believe their economic views are superior to the views of free-market capitalists. They are socialist supremacists. 

Each January the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) convenes to vote on superior actors. In 2016 Leonardo Dicaprio won the Oscar for Actor in a Leading Role beating out Matt Damon and three other nominees. The Academy is a Matt Damon supremacist organization and, considering the four nominees were white males, the Academy is also sexist and racist. 

Advocates of Common Core believe their mind-boggling teaching methods are superior to traditional methods. They are Common Core supremacists. 

Muslims believe their religion is superior to Christianity and Buddhism. They are Islamic supremacists. 

Some white people notice that Western culture is the innovation 'breadbasket' of the world, providing life enhancing technologies to every human on earth. Noting that will get one labeled with the 'white supremacist' pejorative which, of course, is the only kind of supremacy deemed evil and, therefore, intolerable. 

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