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August 25, 2016 -- If you know Jared Taylor and William Johnson, you know they are not white supremacists. 

Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton's new television advert draws a connection between Taylor/Johnson and Donald Trump, directly suggesting they are white supremacists. 

See video below

What's up with this? 
Hillary sschmoozes with former Klansman
Robert Byrd (1917-2010)
Apparently Hillary is running scared. Trump is beginning to cut into the non-white vote; a demographic she desperately needs to win in November. 

Her advert also maligns Trump by associating him with David Duke. 

Here is a video conversation I had earlier this month with both David Duke and William Johnson ▼

Click to watch video ▲

Here's is a link to Hillary advert 
Click to watch video ▲

• On a positive note: Hillary's ad is sending HYUGE volumes of traffic to Jared Taylor's and William Johnson's .

If Hillary thinks these individuals and their organizations are so evil, why is she driving traffic to their websites?

• Personally, I know of no one who self-identifies as a white supremacist. The term is a slanderous pejorative intended to damage the reputation of those tagged with this hideous label. It's akin to calling someone the 'n' word.

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