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August 6, 2016 -- As the regressive left continues to flood our nation with Islamic insurgents posing as refugees, Americans are suffering the brunt of their violent crimes. 

The mother of a five-year-girl raped by 'refugees' in Idaho is defying the media pretense that Muslim 'refugees' are victims by speaking out. 

The little girl was forced into a laundry room at an apartment complex.


The five-year-old daughter was allegedly orally and anally raped by a seven and 10-year-old boy, according to police allegations, while a boy believed to be 14 years old videotaped the assault on his cellular phone. All three boys were refugees. Press reports indicate one was from Iraq, while two were from either Eritrea, Sudan, or Somalia.

Breitbart asked the victim’s mother how she heard about the assault.

Victim’s Mother: I was outside with my daughter and she was playing with two of her friends. I ran inside real fast to use the restroom. By the time I had came outside my daughter was not there, her two friends had went home and [the attackers] had grabbed my daughter and brought her into the laundry room.

We have lived there for three years, so we felt safe there like I could run inside for a second to use the restroom. She was with her friends that she always plays with.

How I found out about this, was when I freaked out that my daughter wasn’t out there I came running inside to grab my phone and my neighbor—the older lady [editor’s note: an 89 year old neighbor who discovered the rape scene]—had called me.

Another neighbor lady had called me and said, you need to call the police. something bad had happened to your daughter and so she walked my daughter to our apartment.

We had called the police and my Mom had showed up at our apartment as well. I started getting my daughter in the bathtub because she had been urinated on. She didn’t really want to speak to me. My daughter felt she was in trouble.

When we called the police, it took the police at least an hour and a half to two hours to arrive.

The next time the media presents images of pathetic looking refugee children to tug on your emotions, remember the trauma experienced by the victims of those 'refugees.'

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