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August 31, 2016 screen shot -- Depriving oppressed youths of color their rap music is racist. 

See video below

That's the opinion of soccer moms cum social justice warriors. 

The fuss involves government schools in Portland, Oregon. 

One person became privy to a internal memo to school bus drivers. The memo instructed drives to ban radio stations that broadcast religious programming, rap music, and talk. 

That decision smacked of racism, according to those awash with social enlightenment, because country music was also banned. 

The blind spot in their thinking is that rap music is almost unique in its advocacy of violence and illegal drugs coupled with disdain for authority; police in particular. In short, rap music encourages black youths to adopt the stereotype which liberals claim is unjustified. What's more, rap music is an enabler of the violent culture that persists among black youths. 

Rap music makes thuggery cool. It promotes the black rape culture. It glorifies gun violence. It's void of educational value. It's enables immorality. 

Nonetheless, social justice warriors relished the opportunity to vociferously present themselves as the epitome of anti-racism; fully ignorant of the fact that they were enabling the black violence the snuffs out the lives of thousands of Michael Browns annually.

In short, supporting rap music is racism. 

School administrators capitulated to the absurdity of pretending the advocating rap music was the equivalence of anti-racism, and adjusted their policy accordingly: School bus drivers are to use their own discretion when banning music on buses. Pity the poor driver who attempts to ban rap music. 

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SJWs triggered by rap music ban

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  1. the same dingy white women voted bummer in. and vote for everything detrimental to white-european society, even worldwide.