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August 13, 2016 -- "Race is only skin deep" is a Marxist axiom intended to lure us away from reality and into the altruistic muck of multicultural mythology. It's an expression of racial relativism that presumes that racial differences are relative rather than absolute. 

See video below.

Granted, disliking others — let alone hating them — due to unchangeable characteristics such as race is both immoral and stupid. However, denying reality is also immoral and stupid. 

So why do cultural Marxists press for the denial of reality relative to race differences? We are different and unique. Why not admit it?

The reason is simple: Our natural differences result in economic disparities. Because those disparities result from natural causes, Marxism is denied its excuse to tinker through social engineering. 

East Asians earn more per household than whites. Likewise whites earn more than Latinos/Hispanics who earn more than blacks. Why? Because, in the aggregate, East Asians tend to be more intelligent than whites who are more intelligent than Latinos/Hispanics who are more intelligent than blacks.

Marxism prefers to ignore that reality and replaces it with the myth that economic disparities between whites and Hispanics/Latinos and between whites and blacks can be traced to social injustice. They then engage is social tinkering which is akin to blood-letting. It's a misdiagnosis. 

• What's more — as fish need water to survive — Marxism requires cultural conflict to survive. There must be a perennial conflict between the oppressed proletariat and the oppressing bourgeoisie that requires resolution. Without that conflict, Marxism has no purpose. 

Where there is no cultural conflict, it creates it. Consequently, we are introduced to the concept of 'people of color' which correlates to proletariat. White people are the oppressing bourgeoisie. It is a manufactured class conflict invented in the mind of Marxism. Marxism images two classes: People of color and whites. It then sets about convincing people of color they are the victims of white oppression when, in reality, there is no oppression; only natural differences. 

(Note that cultural Marxism isn't concerned with the economic disparity between East Asians and whites, nor do they fret over disparities between Latinos/Hispanics and blacks. The fact that East Asians earn more per household than blacks and Latinos/Hispanics doesn't bother Marxists in the slightest.) 

• Marxism would have us believe that race is only skin deep; that other natural phenomena that results in economic disparities — such as intelligence variations — don't exist. 

Besides intelligence, other physiological differences are also apparent. 

In sports, for example, physical differences result in blacks being more adept at playing basketball while whites are naturally inclined to be better swimmers. The difference is being made apparent at the 2016 Summer Olympics. 

Physiologically, we know that races are prone to unique health issues. Denying race differences is dangerous in that it denies accurate assessment and subsequent solutions. 

Intellectually, we know that persons with lower mental capacities are denied viable education opportunities as are those with higher intellects. One-size-fits-all education fits the multiculturalism model. It doesn't fit the real needs of individuals. 

Those who dare acknowledge those differences are promptly eviscerated for daring to stray from Marxist dogma. 

• The adverse effects of race relativism are manifold. Among those negative outcomes is the evasion of workable solutions to racial conflicts. 

For those who deny cultural Marxism's myth-making, there is hell to pay. 

Those of us who accept reality and deny cultural Marxism's mythology are stigmatized then demonized as racists. It's akin to Galileo being charged with heresy for acknowledging the simple reality that the sun is the center of the solar system. 

Nobel Prize winner James Watson was punished with social, academic, and professional banishment when he noted aloud that sub-Saharan Africans lag behind intellectually and, consequentially, economically. 

Olympian Carlotta Ferlito was internationally shamed when she noted that blacks were given an unfair advantage at the 2016 Olympics. 

Truth-telling is a dangerous proposition. It will result in false accusations of racism and social banishment. Moreover, denying reality also has its dire consequences: The destruction of Western civilization. 

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  1. Great article. You hit the nail on the head.

    I'd say that 90% of Leftism today has nothing to do with fairness or justice, but is simply about destroying Whites and the culture they have created. South Africa is the perfect example of the logical outcome of cultural Marxism.

    Leftism is primarily the urge to destroy what others have because you do not or cannot have it yourself. This is probably why Leftists get along so well with Muslims. Like Leftism, Islam is a destructive and confining force, not a constructive and liberating force, as shown by the great majority of societies where it holds sway.