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August 12, 2016 -- It's a quintessential example of how intimidation and bullying are used to quash free speech and skew our perception of reality. 

Italy's Carlotta Ferlito suggested painting one's skin black would enhance the prospects of winning a gold medal in gymnastics at the Olympics. The benign comment came after a 16-year-old black American won the medal. 

Ferlito was a competitor from Italy. She was compelled to apologize for her 'racism.'

Then, Italian Gymnastics Federation official David Ciaralli took heat for noting a change in scoring that favors blacks. Olympic gymnastics have changed from emphasis on style to emphasis on power; the latter favoring stronger black athletes. 

'Carlotta was referring to a trend in gymnastics at this moment, which is going towards a technique that opens up new chances to athletes of colour (well-known for power) while penalising the more artistic Eastern European style that allowed Russians and Romanians to dominate the sport for years.' 

Ciaralli stepped up the anger when addressed the biological differences that give whites an advantage in swimming competition:

'Why are there no black swimmers? Because their physical features don’t suit the sport.' Ciaralli also said that black people 'may not have some of the necessities to be, let’s say, a field manager or a general manager' and that they aren’t good swimmers because they 'don’t have the buoyancy'.

Ferlito was at a crossroads. She could face being ostracized for life as a racist, or she could self-censor and apologize for her insensitive racist remarks.

No human should be forced to face that dilemma; to chose between ostracization and suspension of reality. It's akin the Salem witch trials in which the accused faced the dilemma of confessing to witchcraft or being executed. 

• Acknowledging reality is anathema when it contradicts the racial relativity theory — that race is only skin deep — propagated by cultural Marxism. 

Reality is: There are biological racial differences that give blacks advantages in some competition (basketball) and whites advantages in other competition (swimming). 

So what's wrong with acknowledging reality?

Galileo and James Watso
 faced the dire consequences
of embracing reality in defiance

of erroneous dogma
Acknowledging the natural basis for racial disparities disarms cultural Marxism that relies wholly on social causes for those differences. When natural causes for disparities are acknowledged, social engineers are deprived of their excuse to engage in social tinkering.

As fish need water to survive, Marxism requires class conflicts. Where no such conflicts exist, Marxism invents them. That is, Marxism suspends reality and embraces absurd myths that retro-fit its dogma. 

Those who defy Marxism by acknowledging reality are silenced through bullying and intimidation that typically includes false accusations of racism. 

• Ferlito was not the first to suffer the consequences of defying politically correct dogma in lieu of the truth.

In the 17th century, astronomer Galileo Galilei was forced to recant after proving the sun was the center of the solar system. 

In the 21st century, molecular biologist, geneticist and zoologist, James Watson was effectively censored for noting black Africans were intellectually deficient relative to other races. 

On October 25, 2007, Watson was compelled to retire as chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on New York's Long Island and from its board of directors, after he had been quoted in The Times the previous week as saying "[I am] inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa [because] all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really." He went on to say that despite the desire that all human beings should be equal, "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true." [source]
• Below is a list of individuals who were executed during the Salem witch trials. Like white people falsely accused of racism, all were innocent. 

Bridget Bishop (née Playfer; executed June 10, 1692)
Rebecca Nurse (née Towne; July 19, 1692)
Sarah Good (formerly Poole, née Solart; July 19, 1692)
Elizabeth Howe (née Jackson; July 19, 1692)
Susannah Martin (née North; July 19, 1692)
Sarah Wildes (née Averill; July 19, 1692)
George Burroughs (August 19, 1692)
George Jacobs, Sr. (August 19, 1692)
Martha Carrier (née Allen; August 19, 1692)
John Proctor (August 19, 1692)
John Willard (August 19, 1692)
Martha Corey (September 22, 1692; wife of Giles Corey)
Mary Eastey (née Towne; September 22, 1692)
Mary Parker (née Ayer; September 22, 1692)
Alice Parker (September 22, 1692)
Ann Pudeator (September 22, 1692)
Wilmot Redd (September 22, 1692)
Margaret Scott (September 22, 1692)
Samuel Wardwell, Sr. (September 22, 1692)

• While we no longer execute people based on false accusations of witchcraft, we do "execute" the reputations and ruin the lives of innocent white people falsely accused of racism. The only option made available to the accused is to confess of their fallacious "sin" of racism. 

The list of white people falsely accused of racism probably includes thousands, if not millions. 

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