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August 9, 2016 -- A white man was savagely beaten by a black female on a train in California. 

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Witnesses claimed the victim prompted the attack by using racial slurs. Oddly, the video recorded the beating but not the alleged slurs. 

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The attack occurred in Long Beach, California and was reported August 4, 2016. 

Although black passengers made running comments on the attack, none came to the victim's aid. 

• Black-on-white attacks on mass transit systems are common, forcing many white to avoid metros for their own safety. Many of the attacks are captured on video. You may view a list of numerous news accounts of such attacks and read the relative news stories by clicking here ►

• Black racists routinely accuse whites of provoking attacks, but are seldom able to prove their allegations. 

• The attack reopens the debate: Were Jim Crow laws necessary to protect non-blacks from violent crime? Some say Jim Crow laws were an expression of white racism. Other contend that Jim Crow laws were intended to protect non-blacks from violent crime. 

• The attack also reminds us of the Trayvon Martin affair when George Zimmerman was savagely attacked, but successfully defended himself with a hand gun. White people who defend themselves against violent black aggression are often accused of anti-black racism. 

• Informed white people avoid blacks because of the disparate and innate violence. Even white-privileged liberals refuse to live in black neighborhoods, preferring to self-segregate in white suburbs where they voice their opposition to racial segregation. 

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