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August 24, 2016 -- It took him six months, but a British man made a chicken sandwich. 

The project demonstrated the intricacies of Western culture and the profundity of the free-market capitalist system it has begotten. It further demonstrations the intelligence and innovation that permeates Western civilization but is evidently lacking in Third World regions. 

It demonstrates why they were starving before white colonists introduced them to Western technology and explains why they are fleeing their homelands to come here and we are not fleeing our homelands to go there. 

It further demonstrates the immense value of Western culture to all of humanity and proves that the displacement of Western civilization is ultimate form of misanthropy and universal racism

See video below.

He milked a cow, curdled the milk to make cheese, killed a chicken, pickled a cucumber, boiled seawater to get salt, ground grain to bake bread.

Imagine what life would be like if, instead of being able to trade for the things we wanted, we had to make them all ourselves. The simplest things would be unattainable. We’re not talking here about toasters or smartphones. We’re talking about a chicken sandwich.

Even the six months that it took the chap in the video is, in a sense, a cheat. He didn’t raise the cow or the chicken or the wheat himself; he flew to the sea-side to gather his brine. He was, in other words, making use of the structures of an advanced market economy. To feed himself while growing all his ingredients from scratch – let alone while trying to design and build an aeroplane to carry him to the coast for the salt – would have been impossible.

Truly the market is a thing of beauty.

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