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August 30, 2016 -- First, the good news: The race card is rapidly losing its effect. More Americans are boldly declaring the truth; noting the emperor is, in fact, naked. 

Case in point: The governor of Maine vociferously noted that residents of his state are victims of black and Hispanic crime.

Such truth-telling is intolerable to those who deem themselves tolerant. Some have even called for the governor to resign for his blatant honesty. 

His name? Hon. Paul LePage. 

You can contact him here to voice your support. 

1-855-721-5203 e-mail

Unfortunately, the governor is beginning to back peddle. 


The besieged Republican governor of Maine hinted Tuesday morning that he might not finish out his term, suggesting that he had lost the support of his own party with his latest tirades of obscene, threatening and racially charged remarks.

Gov. Paul R. LePage, speaking on WVOM, a local radio station, on Tuesday, said he was looking at “options” after a meeting Monday night with Republican lawmakers at which he told them he would consider taking “corrective action.”

“It’s really one thing to have one party behind you,” Mr. LePage said on the radio. “It’s another thing not to have any party behind you.”

On Friday, Mr. LePage spoke defiantly about the name-calling and threatening remarks he left on the voice mail of a Democratic lawmaker who he thought had called him a racist. And on Monday he deepened his commitment to statements that linked blacks and Hispanics to the drug epidemic in his state.

His tone on the radio was far different — although his apologies appeared to center on the voice mail, not on the remarks about race and drugs.

“It was really totally, totally unnecessary and I need to do something about it, and we’re considering a whole lot of different options right now,” he said, of his behavior.

Speaking of his talks with Republican lawmakers, he said those in the Democratic-controlled House want “to salvage what we can and move forward,” but some in the Republican-controlled Senate had demands that “I just can’t do.” Mr. LePage did not say what they were.

Mr. LePage has been the subject of frequent controversy since he was first elected in a Tea Party wave in 2010, regularly setting off fireworks with harsh remarks, pointed put-downs and, recently, racial statements that have come under criticism. Up to now, his critics have largely been Democrats. But the latest remarks unnerved Republican lawmakers, as well, with one questioning his sanity and sobriety.

Republican leaders convened on Monday to decide what to do about Mr. LePage’s conduct, and then met with him behind closed doors later in the day.

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Maine governor called out for "racism" (aka, "honesty")

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  1. Gee wiz. If one can't be candid about racial situations in an overwhelmingly white state like Maine full of woods and white people, then it's game over.