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Hate-Trump video

August 22, 2016 -- Below is a video of Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz presenting illegal alien crime statistics to Congress. 

You may have noticed that cultural Marxist propaganda almost always avoids hard facts and unbiased statistics. Rather, its focus is to intimidate and bully us into accepting a false, psychotic narrative that defies reality. 

For example: When Donald Trump insisted that illegal aliens from Mexico included hordes of criminals, he was roundly accused of racism. Rather than confront undeniable facts, we will be accused of stereotyping Hispanics. 

While the media may be owned by the far left, we have the truth on our side because we are on the side of the truth. 

Cultural Marxism resorts to name calling, pejorative, and stereotyping honest patriots as racists because the far left is void of rational reasoning to support its insanity. 

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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