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August 22, 2016 -- Teach your children to avoid blacks. 

Is that racist? 

Before you decide, watch the video below. As you watch, keep this in mind: This is one of innumerable similar videos posted on the Internet in recent years documenting black thugs as they randomly attack white people without provocation. 

What's more, for every video-recorded attack that finds its way to the Internet, there are countless more black-on-white attacks that are not recorded. 

Our history classes taught us that there was an era in American history in which white thugs randomly attacked blacks without provocation. Oddly, these "historians" fail to provide documentation. 

In reality — reality being abhorrent to the far left — Western culture rescued black Africans from millenia of living in abject poverty and a paleolithic existence. Virtually every technological advancement, such as advanced healthcare that enhances the lives of all people everywhere, was the innovation of Western culture. 

The contribution of Western culture to black Americans is never mentioned, let alone emphasized. Rather, the far left invades our minds with sounds and images that defy reality. We are convinced by cultural Marxist propaganda that all white people are innately evil racist (stereotyping) who deserve to be subdued and relinquished to minority status in every nation on earth. 

Think of the cultural Marxism myth as a bacterial virus that invades our minds. 

The good news: There is an antidote to clear our minds of this psychotic, irrational denial. That antidote is reality. 

By exposing minds to reality by posting videos, we inoculate minds with the sights and sounds of reality. It's akin to introducing antibacterial agents into the bloodstream of those who have succumbed to sepsis. The antibacterial videos that we post attack the false images implanted by Hollywood. Truth displaces fiction. 

This is why the far left hates us; why it tries to destroy us with false accusations of racism. Often, the attackers themselves are victims of bacterial poisoning from cultural Marxist propaganda. The delusional thinking is the result of cultural Marxist bacterial poisoning. 

The video below is the vaccine for minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus. It is simple, real-life truth.

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