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August 5, 2016 -- The 'Don't tread on me' Gadsden flag is tinged with racism. 

That's the conclusion of taxpayer-funded bureaucrats at the federal government's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

A complaint filed with the EEOC said the flag was racially insensitive to Africans in America, noting that Christopher Gadsden, who designed the flag, was a “slave trader & owner of slaves.”

• Note that the regressive left is destroying our culture by associating aspects of our heritage as racist. In time the American flag will universally be considered racist as will the national anthem. 

•Note the regressive left's focus is on the negative. It never emphasizes the innumerable life enhances bestowed upon non-white people by Western innovation. 

• Note that the EEOC is an abstract entity; a bureaucratic puppet. Decisions made by the EEOC are actually decisions made by flesh-and-blood humans who are taxpayer-funded employees of the federal government. Were the human element removed, the EEOC would vanish. The EEOC does not nor cannot make decisions because it is inanimate. Real-life humans with biases make decisions. 

• Were the regressive left to link Islam with slavery as it links Western culture with slavery, the 'religion of peace' would be anathema. 

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  1. the EEOC and the government are racist against ALL WHITE-EUROPEANS DISREGARD their psychobabble buy guns, flags! especially the confederate flag.