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August 10, 2016 -- A family of eight has fled to Russia from Germany. 

The reason?

They are seeking asylum from the Islamic insurgency that is overwhelming their homeland, making it unsafe for ethnic Germans. 

The family is currently holed up in a Moscow motel while the government there considers their request. 


A German family travelled to Russia before claiming asylum - insisting their homeland is no longer safe because of the influx of migrants.

Carola Griesbach, 51, and her husband Andre, 45, drove the 1,400 miles from northern Germany to Moscow's Red Square in a VW camper van to escape the 'German dictatorship'.

Two of their daughters, Dominique and Julia, along with four of their grandchildren were also crammed into the van.

The family left Germany for a number of reasons including that they were concerned about the number of migrants entering the country.

However, since arriving on New Year's Eve in 2015, they have been stranded at a small motel in a forest outside the Russian capital with the authorities knocking back their claims for asylum.

The Russian government considers Germany a 'safe' country and the family are not allowed to become asylum seekers in Russian.

But the Griesbachs claim they had no time to organise more suitable paperwork.

Andre said: 'We have been worried ever since we staged a protest against the German Government outside the Bundestag [Parliament] from September to December 2013.

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