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August 6, 2016 -- Four have been arrested for the March murder of a farm family in South Africa. 

Monty McCormack, 73, his son Kennith McCormack, 42, Kennith's fiancée Marietjie Meyer and her 9-year-old daughter Kayla Meyer, were killed on a Randfontein farm in Rodora, Doornfontein.

It is presumed the attackers were black. 


Randfontein Primary School’s Leon Haupt fought back tears as he said farewell to nine-year-old Kayla Meyer.

The little girl's classmates sobbed and held one another at the school's memorial service.

Meyer was brutally murdered at a farm in Rodora, South Africa last week.

Also killed was the girl's mother, Marietjie Meyer, and her mother's fiancée Kennith McCormack. McCormack's 72-year-old father, Monty, was also murdered.

Police said the victims all sustained blunt force trauma. That is, the little girl and the three adults were beaten to death.

Nine-year-old Kayla Meyer was in heaven, her school principal told her sobbing classmates at her memorial service on Thursday.

“You may cry. You may be heartbroken. It is an emotional day for us, but she is in heaven now,” Randfontein Primary School’s Leon Haupt said.

Fighting back his tears as he addressed her Grade 3 classmates and teachers in the school hall, Haupt said they should never forget her beautiful soul.

“She was a beautiful and loving child. Her smile used to brighten everyone’s day. She loved everyone unconditionally,” Haupt said.

As the rain was pouring down, Haupt paused and watched as the children sobbed and held one another. He read Bible scripture in John 11:25.

Balloons were released in a gesture of farewell.

“As we release the balloons and they start to fade away, may we see it as a way of Kayla leaving us. We should never forget that she will always be in our hearts,” Haupt said.

Earlier this week, Kayla’s teacher, Chantel Borissza, said the entire school was shocked and heartbroken at the news of Kayla's death.

“We will always remember her as a kind, loving and zealously spirited child,” Borissza said.

A counsellor at the school used a puppet show to explain the concept of death to Kayla’s classmates following her murder last week.

Monty McCormack, 73, his son Kennith McCormack, 42, Kennith’s fiancée Marietjie Meyer and her daughter Kayla, were killed on a smallholding in Rodora, Randfontein, last week.

The attack was assumed to have happened between Wednesday evening and the early hours of Thursday morning.

Randfontein police spokesperson, Captain Appel Ernst, said the victims all sustained blunt force trauma.

Haupt said they would plant a tree in her memory.

“We have everything ready to plant the tree, but due to bad weather we won’t be able to do it today,” he said.
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