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August 26, 2016 -- The far left pretends to be the defender of diversity. Its mantra is "diversity is our strength."

That perspective stops short when applied to public opinion. 

A woman was fired this week from her government job in West Virginia for expressing her views on race in a YouTube video. 

Hillary Clinton has promised to shut down and other conservative web sties. Until then, left-leaning web sites are self-censoring by obliterating their comment sections. 

Public speakers invited to tax-funded universities are routinely harassed into cancelling their presentations. 

Supporters of Donald Trump frequently find their rallies disrupted by regressives with little tolerance for opposing views. 

Social media accounts that fail to march to the cultural Marxism drummer can expect to be flag bombed until they are deleted. 

The liberal-biased media have been a mainstay in American journalism for decades. 

Ostensibly the objective to fight racism, intolerance, and bigotry. In reality the objective is to objectify honest opinions that contradict the cultural Marxism narrative with the 'racist' slur. 

The far left does not care for diversity. It is driven by a quest for control. 

The most common tool used to shush opposition is the 'racist' pejorative. Don't like what another is say? Simply accuse the speaker of racism. 

The far left pretends to advocate diversity. In reality it is killing diversity . . . in speech.
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