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August 5, 2016 -- A black friend recently sent me an e-mail noting he was in financial straits, then asked for my advice. 

I replied with the following message:

1. Buy a lawnmower
2. Start a lawncare business

When I was 35-years-old I was sitting on the floor in a grocery store at 5 a.m. scraping gum. It was a minimum-wage, part-time job that helped support my family.

After work I went to a full-time job at the local cable company where I worked in the office for minimum wage.

After work I often chucked the lawnmower in the car trunk and headed off to mow lawns for a few bucks.

On Sundays I occupied the pulpit of a Baptist Church and was paid a meager salary for my efforts.

Meanwhile, I was launching a direct marketing business using sweat equity and without financial assistance.

That is, I was juggling five jobs at once to make ends meet.

Fortunately, the direct marketing endeavor was moderately successful and became my full-time occupation.

-- Kenn

My privilege is: 

First, I'm privileged to live at the apex of human civilization; a time when innovation excels far and beyond that experienced by our ancestors. I'm privileged to own an automobile, HD color television, cell phone, and other life-enhancing innovations. I also have access to advanced healthcare. 

Second, I'm privileged to live in the heartland of the United States of America; that is, I live in the epicenter of the most advanced society in human history. I'm privileged to live in a dwelling equipped with plumbing, central heat and air conditioning, and electricity; luxuries unknown to humanity for tens of thousands of years. 

Third, I'm privileged to be in reasonably good health. Having survived a heart-valve replacement, brain surgery, and, more recently, a bout with sepsis, I'm neither paraplegic nor quadriplegic. This morning's scale verify that I'm not starving to death. 

Fourth, I am privileged to have reasonable intelligence. Granted I'm no Einstein and will likely never become a multi-millionaire. However, I have adequate mental facilities to make reasonably smart financial decisions and live within my means.

I will never become as financially successful as Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jordan. However, I refuse to blame black privilege, but acknowledge they are privileged to enjoy innate skill sets that allow them to soar high in a free-market, capitalist society. 

I've never been on welfare, Medicaid, or used "public" assistance programs such as food stamps; though I empathize with the truly needy who find it necessary to be supported by a government safety net. 
My young black friend seems to enjoy the same privileges as I. He is privileged to live in America. He is privileged to enjoy good health. He is privileged to be reasonably intelligent. 

Unfortunately, he is encumbered with the weight of victim-hood imposed upon all black Americans by the regressive left. In that — and that alone — he is underprivileged. 

I wish him the best.

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  1. Great article Kenn (and great advice.)
    Thank you, I will spread it.

    (it seems to me there is a bug when I verified I am not a robot by clicking on images. My comment got approved only after I did the audio challenge.)