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August 30, 2016 -- A Facebook friend recently posted his experience living among racist blacks and the challenges of attending school with violent blacks. 

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The following is posted with his permission: 

My early childhood was spent in Provo, Utah. At 10 years old we moved to Oceanside, California and I was introduced to multiculturalism. 

I was allowed to play outside unsupervised as was the norm in the '80's. So I was walking down our new street and I came in contact with a nigro for the first time. I don't know what that look was exactly but it made me uncomfortable. I had never experienced that feeling before. But that, and many more experiences would become the norm. 

We were a military family, but we didn't live in base housing. We (my older brother and I) attended regular school instead of attending school on base with kids who were like us. I'm not talking racial. I'm talking being a military brat. Me were teased unmercifully for that alone. 

But it was worse than that. I was military and White. That is a very fucked up situation to subject a child to. 

On the walk home from school one day with a little black boy I met he invited me into his house to play. His name was William Prince. I remember the encounter VERY well. 

We were playing in the garage when his father came home. He was military. Just like my dad. But when he SAW me there he shut off his car, stood at the entrance to the garage and proceeded to give this little boy - his son - first a tongue lashing, then smacked in the face. For the next month. Every day. School days and weekends. That boy was in their yard with a tablespoon edging the yard. The entire thing with a spoon. 

Why? Because that boy brought a White boy into this nigroes property and was determined that it was not happening again. 

I fought a lot in school and I was failing every subject because not getting jumped was a priority. Not so bad in school, but EVERY day there was a fight down around the corner and I didn't want to be the main attraction. It was fucked but I learned from it. 

The military reinforced that and living in Southwest New Mexico for 12 years reinforced a whole lot.

I don't hate people just because they don't look like me. It is SO much deeper than that. I have lived it and I know.

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