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August 7, 2016 -- Three Pokemon Go players were robbed in Easton, Pennsylvania. The teens, ages 15,16, and 18, were accosted by two black males; one flashing a hand gun. 

One of the black males punched the 19-year-old victim in the back of the head before the suspect fled in an SUV. 

Another 19-year-old victim was robbed about an hour later. The suspects fit the same description as those involved in the earlier confrontation. 

From WFMZ:

In both incidents, police describe the suspects as black males, tall and skinny and both were wearing sweatshirts. In the first incident, they fled in a gray SUV, possibly a Dodge. Police say the vehicle was seen in the area earlier in the evening. Police want to remind people there are risks involved when playing games like Pokemon Go. They say it is easy for others to determine the location of people playing the game. They remind people to be aware of the risks involved, especially when playing at night.
It's tragic that Americans can't enjoy an evening outside at night without fear of being accosted by urban savages. 

Note the suspects were driving an SUV. We wonder how deprived, underprivileged black males can afford the fuel for such a large vehicle; let alone afford the vehicle itself. 

Due to Western innovation, Africans in America enjoy a higher standard of living than Africans in Africa or anywhere else on earth. Nonetheless, many continue to play the poverty card to excuse their excesses in violent crime. 

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