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August 5, 2016 -- Menachem Stark was a notorious slum lord in Brooklyn, New York until his demise in 2014. 

Accused of his murder is Kendel Felix. Felix was found fit to stand trial this week for the murder. 

A surveillance video recorded Stark being kidnapped and thrown into the back of a minivan on a snowy January night. Reports say Felix and his cousin, Erskine Felix, waited for Stark outside his office. 

The presumption at the time was that Stark was kidnapped for revenge.

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  1. Jews in the media (in this case the NY Post) suffer from the same condition as so many whites - white guilt. A man was murdered, but the Post needs to identify him as a "slumlord" to excuse the black-on-Jewish violence. Even if everything the landlord was accused of is true, so what? If he's not keeping up with repairs, take pictures and find a new apartment. No judge will hold you to a lease if that's the case. If he cheated his bank, let the bank sue him. You don't get to murder someone in a civilized society, just because he's a jerk. But, of course, black privilege.