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August 8, 2016 -- 21-year-old Taylor Friloux was fatally stabbed during a robbery of the restaurant she managed. 

 Joshua Every, a black male, is accused of the murder. 

Reports claim Every said he stabbed the young white woman because he recognized him and spoke his name. 


Joshua Every, who is accused of stabbing a 21-year-old Raising Cane’s manager to death during a robbery in June, said he killed the young woman because she recognized his face and said his name, a Kenner police detective testified Monday in a Gretna courtroom.

That detail and others emerged during a packed hearing, after which 24th Judicial District Court Commissioner Paul Schneider found probable cause to hold Every and his three alleged accomplices pending the acceptance of charges by Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick’s office.

Police say Every, 23, stabbed manager Taylor Friloux as he and Gregory Donald Jr., 18, robbed the Williams Boulevard store in the early morning hours on June 27. Mark Crocklen Jr., 24, waited outside in the getaway car.

A fourth defendant, Ariana Yanni Runner, 22, allegedly recruited Donald and helped plan the robbery, which Every believed could get them as much as $10,000.

Police say Every stabbed Friloux twice while he forced her into the restaurant and then another half dozen times while she lay on the floor. The attack, which was captured on security cameras, left Friloux with stab wounds to her neck, abdomen and sternum. One of her ears was partially severed.

She died later that morning at University Medical Center.

On Monday, Kenner Police detective Brad Ricke said Crocklen, who turned himself in, told investigators what Every had said about why he killed Friloux.

Ricke testified that based on surveillance camera footage and witness testimony, an unidentified male employee went out behind the restaurant after it closed to take out the trash and was held at knifepoint by Every, who had a knife, and Donald, who had a box cutter.

The duo asked questions about the security system and told the employee to call for Friloux to come outside.

Friloux then was also held at knifepoint, forced to the ground and asked about keys and the store's security system, Ricke testified. A third employee who came out also recognized Every, who used to work at the restaurant.

“She said, ‘Josh, what are you doing?’ ” Ricke testified.

The attackers made Friloux call to one of two cleaning crew workers to open the door, then forced her inside when the door was opened. Every allegedly stabbed Friloux twice as they went through the door and approached the store's safe.

Left outside alone, the two co-workers ran to a nearby car to get help, but it turned out to be the alleged getaway car. After getting no response, they ran to a nearby Taco Bell.

Inside, Donald allegedly grabbed about $1,000 out of the safe and ran out. It was then, the detective said, that security cameras captured Every stabbing Friloux, who had fallen to the floor, another half dozen times.

Every and Donald ran to the car with two employees’ cellphones that they had taken and drove off.

The crime occurred in Kenner, Louisiana in June, 2016. 

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Some say Jim Crow laws were an expression of white racism; unjustified animosity towards blacks. Others view Jim Crow laws as an imperfect but practical means of self-defense to protect whites and others from the persistent presence of violent black crime. 

Had Jim Crow laws been in placed and enforced in Kenner, Louisiana this year, 21-year-old Taylor Friloux would still be alive. 

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