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August 25, 2016 -- Melvin Lovette, Jr. was killed for less than $200 during a convenience store robbery where he worked. 

The black male who fatally shot Lovette in 2007 recently died of natural causes in a hospital. Justice was denied. 

James Antoine Holden Williams, 24, confessed to killing Lovette, but insisted it was an accident. 

The crime occurred in Huntsville, Alabama. 

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• Lovette worked a low-paying job to make ends meet. Williams apparently opted to choose a short cut; to steal for a living. Still, the regressive left would insist that people like Lovette are awash in white privilege. 

In reality, the economic disparity that exist between white and black Americans can be attributed to intelligence and subsequent life choices. That is, intelligent black Americans who choose to work for income posses the same privilege as white Americans who do the same. 

• Some people believe Jim Crow laws were an expression of white racism; that white people simply had an aversion to people with very dark skin. Others believe Jim Crow laws were an effective, though less-than-perfect, means of protecting white citizens from violent black crime. 

Jim Crow likely would have prevented the shooting death of Lovette. 

From (2007):

How much is a life worth?

A convenience store clerk lost his life for less than $200.

His family's grief will never be over.

Hopefully the investigation will be over soon, with your help in this week's WAFF 48 Crimestoppers.

"He was wonderful".

"He had such a joy and passion for life".

"To know Mel was to love Mel".

"Mel" being Linda Lovette's brother Melvin Lovette, Jr., a clerk at the Conoco on Drake Avenue who was shot and killed during a robbery March 11th.

The two suspects, one 6 feet, the other 5'8", both medium build.

A senseless crime, robbing a store of money and robbing a family of so much more.

"My family is shattered. Life will never be the same," says Linda Lovette. 

"He had a passion for life and someone stole his life for $120".

"I wonder was my brother afraid? Did he have time to be afraid? Was he alone when he....I can't sleep at night".

"We want justice for my brother and he deserves nothing less".

Hopefully if your conscience doesn't make you call, maybe dollars will.

Conoco is offering $2,000 for information leading to an arrest.

That's in addition to the up to $1,000 offered by Crimestoppers.

Please call 53-crime with your anonymous tip.

Your calls to 53-crime can also bring Kimberly Nelson to justice.

She's wanted for failing to return a rental car to Enterprise rental.

Davida Chanta Douglas is wanted for theft by deception.

Isais Victoriano Salinias is wanted for 2 counts of sexual abuse.

Nikki Michelle Hazel is wanted for 2 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Joseph Montize Keith saw himself on TV turned himself in for possessing and distributing illegal narcotics.

Bettie Parker also turned herself in after being shown for possession of a controlled substance.

And Jody Lynn Jordan has been arrested for allegedly stealing merchandise from a local business.

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