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August 17, 2016 -- There can be no white nations. There can be no white neighborhoods. There can be no white vigils to commemorate Elvis. 

That was made apparent in Memphis, Tennessee this week when a group of Elvis fans gathered at Graceland to remember the deceased rock star. 

Enter Black Lives Matter. 

BLM found an excuse to disrupt the gathering. Could it be the George Soros command center is busy finding enclaves of whiteness for BLM to agitate? 

A representative of BLM complained after the vigil/protest that police segregated the Elvis fans from the BLM demonstrators. It was a racial divide, they complained, noting virtually all of the Elvis fans were white and the BLM protesters were mostly black. 

The groups may have be separated by another factor: The Elvis fans hummed his tunes while the rowdy demonstrators shouted, "Black Lives Matter."

Virtually every white nation is being overwhelmed by non-white immigrants. Virtually every neighborhood in those nations is being racially integrated. No gathering of whites — no matter how small — can be tolerated. 

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