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August 20, 2016 -- BBC posted an interview with an Islamic anglophobe that was interrupted by a British patriot. 

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The patriot quietly noted that shariah law is not observed in Britain. 

That simple observation triggered the Muslim whose phlegmatic demeanor abruptly exploded in a tirade of hate and intolerance.

The Muslim woman promptly turned to the Brit and began to verbally eviscerate him on camera. 

BBC seems to conclude that patriots who speak out against the Islamic invasion of their countries are Islamophobes. 

It's a classic example of Marxism using intimidation in lieu of logic to manipulate the minds of gullible Westerners. The patriot attempted to reason with the Muslim. The Muslim replied with a hate-filled tirade. By characterizing opposition to the Islamic invasion as 'Islamophobia,' the far-left manages to silence patriots. 

The broadcast version added a map of Britain covered with read dots. Each dot allegedly represented an "Islamophobic tweet" posted on Twitter; an obvious effort to intimidate patriotic Britons into silent subjection. 

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