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August 10, 2016 Moedling, Austria has had it share of nearly-retarded Muslim insurgents abusing native Austrian women. 

When a teen girl cried out for help while being assaulted in a restroom, no one came to her aid. It was the tipping point. 

Four Afghan Muslims are accused of groping the girl in a restaurant restroom. That prompted local residents to discus establishing neighborhood watch groups (called 'vigilante patrols' by the media). The mayor of the town is on board. 

According to

It comes against a backdrop of unease in the country following a number of similar attacks recently.

Over the weekend, two young mothers pushing prams claimed to have been attacked in a park in daylight.

The suspect groped and fondled one of the young women, and when the second mother tried to stop him, he attacked her instead and tried to rip off her dress.

Police later arrested a 20-year-old man who they said was an asylum seeker from Afghanistan who had arrived in the spring.

He is currently being held in investigative custody.

Meanwhile, a 29-year-old Afghan asylum seeker was arrested in the town of Wolfsberg in the Austrian state of Carinthia earlier this week over claims he attacked his 21-year-old girlfriend with a knife.

• What can we expect?

We can expect the media — including entertainment venues — to step up their portrayal of citizen patrols as expressions of intolerance, paranoia, hatred, stereotyping, bigotry, and white racism, while portraying Islamic insurgents as pathetic victims of injustice and in dire need of cuddling. 

• Tragically, the far left has already saturated the minds of many Westerners with Marxist dogma. These brainwashed twits actually believe Western culture is rife with evil; that white colonialism brought nothing but pain and suffering the peoples of the world. 

They are determined to quash Western culture forever. The method of choice is to overwhelm white cultures with non-white insurgents with conflicting, non-Western values. 

Consequently, you will seldom hear complaints from (pseudo) feminists when Muslims rape and harass white women. Feminism and Islam are working in tandem to destroy Western culture. 

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