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August 3, 2016 -- Truth is the most effective antibiotic for curing minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus. 

A preferred method of administering truth is by exposing the mind to real-life videos. It's akin to utilizing radiation treatment to eradicate cancerous brain tumors. 

As Hollywood uses staged theatrics to create cinematic productions that infect our minds with cultural Marxism's 'bacteria', real-life videos provide the vaccination that destroys those bacterial infections.  

Truth is not only an antidote, but it is a preventive therapy. 

The truth is: Violent crime is endemic to African communities; both in the United States and abroad. In fact, crime rates of specific areas can be predetermined by noting the ethnic composition of the region's demographics. 

The following videos are not intended to demean black people. Rather, they are intended to stimulate a conversation about race that will culminate with workable solutions to the epidemic of violent black crimes. 

If your mind is infected with the cultural Marxism virus, view the following videos to inoculate your brain. If your mind is not infected with the cultural Marxism virus, view the following videos to vaccinate your brain as a preventative therapy.  

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