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July 13, 2016

Zimbabweans wait in line at a bank -- Citizens of Zimbabwe, frustrated by government mismanagement, have vowed to close the nation for two days. 

The reason? 

White "colonists" have long been purged from the nation leaving Robert Mugabe's corrupt Marxist government to fill the void.

The problem? 

Mugabe's government is flat broke. 

The black-run country is importing more than it is exporting. There is no money to pay public servants, the military, teachers, police, and others. 

Those are the fortunate few who are employed. 90 percent of the population is unemployed. 

Robert Mugabe seized land from 4,000 privileged white farmers to redistribute to black Zimbabweans. Black Africans have a scant history of successful farming. They simply lack the aptitude. Consequently, the people go hungry. 

The average IQ in Zimbabwe is 82. 

The ongoing hardships have prompted Zimbabweans to proclaim a two-day shutdown. 

• The far left maintains an aversion for truth and a penchant for an alternate reality that fits their cultural Marxism narrative. Nonetheless, the immutable truth is: 
sub-Saharan Africa has never been able to prosper without aid and investment from Western cultures. 

When David Livingston trekked across the continent in the mid 19th century, he found virtually no technological advancement. Africans lived as their ancestors did for thousands of years. Our black African ancestors never built a boat, a bridge, or a two-story structure. The denizens spoke languages with limited vocabularies. The mortality rate was extremely high and the concept of trade for economic gain was virtually unknown. 

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