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July 23, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- "It used to be so safe here is Waterloo and Cedar Falls, and people know that. And now it's turning into a whole 'nother story."

So what changed? 

The above is the testimony of a young woman who had a gun held to her head during an armed robbery in Iowa. 

Brooklyn Thompson-Peyton was robbed in her friend's apartment. 

The story began on Sunday night, July 17, 2016. Three males, presumed to be black, were shot in Waterloo. 

One of the victims died. 

Another shooting victim, 17-year-old Dewon Campbell, allegedly entered the apartment of Thompson-Peyton's friend a few days later. He was accompanied by an accomplice, 20-year-old Queshandis Seals, according to reports. 

Thompson-Peyton and her friend were robbed at gunpoint. The two black males were arrested. 

So what changed? 

What changed in Waterloo and Cedar Falls was the arrival of the American black crime culture. Acknowledging that reality is akin to noting the Emperor is, in fact, naked. It will lead to false accusations of racism for simply telling the truth. 

The truth is neither racist or non-racist. It's simply the truth. 

Americans remain in a psychotic state of denial, ignoring the stark reality of rampant black criminal violence while pretending we live in a world where blacks and whites commit crime at the same rate. 

Sit back, turn on your television, and tune in to any channel. Immerse your mind in a false world that is void of violent black crime. It's a delusion. 

Are you fooled?

Privilege white liberals are aghast. Such truth-telling smacks of bigotry, the believe.

Still, they prefer to flee to Jim Crow neighborhoods where whites isolate themselves from the reality of black criminal violence and immerse themselves in delusions and denial provided by the media. 

Liberals aren't fooled. They just play along. 

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  1. small town iowa you put a dindu in the whitehouse what did you expect.


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